Why Immigrate to Canada Through Its Farming Industry?

Canada’s Agri-food industry accounts for $110 billion and employs over 2.3 million people and annually exports close to $56 billion of food products. Canada’s agriculture industry is not only the biggest but also one of its most profitable sectors, with a stable economy that is ranked as the world’s ten highest. Though the farming industry in Canada is growing, the labor market is struggling to meet the demands of highly skilled people. Most young workers are now unemployed at an earlier age and decide to move to cities, searching for employment opportunities. Seek guidance from immigration consultants in India to know more about the same.

Top farming communities in Canada

Canada has a position for you, irrespective of whether you are a farmer who wants to start again or a farmer who wishes to start a new business or move your business. Just about 7 percent of the total land area in Canada is farmable, and the northern areas of its prairie country are home to 80 percent of its largest farming communities. Below mentioned are the top farming communities, you can seek to get a Canada PR in.

Ontario has a wide selection of farms, such as grain, olive seed, beef, milk, and other livestock products. Throughout Ontario, where over 59,000 farmers operate, 8 percent of Canada’s farmlands can be located.
Alberta with more than 53,000 fields has a reputation for its grain crops, which include wheat, canola, oats, and peas as well as the beef industry.
Saskatchewan is known for its grain farms and has over 50,000 farms. In this province, the demand for farmers is such and it has its own immigration stream under the SINP aimed specifically at framers.
Manitoba is the largest producer of certain fruits and vegetables in Canada, with just over 21,000 fields. In Manitoba, 12% of Canada’s agricultural lands can be found which ensures that farmworkers have a high demand.
Introduction to new programs

Therefore, new programs and schemes have been initiated by the Canadian government to help bridge the gap in the Canadian economy – to enable migrant skilled workers to immigrate into and adapt to the Canadian culture inconvenient circumstances. These systems and programs facilitate the process and quickly follow the application process, enabling new entrants in as little as 6 months to move to Canada with their families.

As a farmworker, through the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot and the New Agri-Food Pilot you can easily immigrate to one of Canada’s rural regions. This provides 2,750 spaces each year for skilled workers in the agricultural and livestock industries. In turn, the Government has introduced opportunities, such as a 5-year commitment in the Canadian Agriculture Partnership, of $3 billion in federal funds to strengthen and reduce the risks presented to the competitiveness of the farming and Agri-food industries.

Australia and Canada are currently the best options for farmers searching for relocations, but Australia needs a net value of about $1.3 million. For example, if you immigrate through the Young Farmer Stream, Saskatchewan requires a net worth merely below $500,000. Work along the expertise of immigration consultants in Delhi to know more about the same.

For additional information regarding which sub-lass is suitable for you, you may get in touch with our Canada Immigration Consultants at 1800 121 8299 / 011-4039 1555 or write to us at [email protected]
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