How to Play Playing Cards for Beginners


Playing cards, are cards whose popularity has been worldwide and has been around for a long time. In contrast to dominoqq playing cards is a game that is full of strategy and of course depends on luck. The origin of playing cards has been the subject of a long discussion. But a large number of people agreed that playing cards came from China. The opinion is not made up or based. That opinion, based on the paper used for playing cards.

In ancient times, the only country that had paper printing was China, that triggered some thinkers, if playing cards came from China and the ones who introduced it were some Chinese. Playing cards are actually a game of losing and winning without risking anything, but as the times grew, playing cards were introduced for the elements or tools used for gambling.

Playing Cards Game

The game can be played if there are 2 to 4 players. The cards are shuffled next to each player’s share, with each player getting 7 cards at the start of the game. The way to play is, you must be able to make number cards of the same type from 2 to 10 at least three of the same series. For example, 2 3 4 love cards, then JQK or cards with card numbers equal to 8 8 8 or KK K. For joker it can be used to replace any number, that’s the advantage of a joker card.

Each card number has a value if so. For cards in which numbers alone have a value of 5, cards that have an As value therefore get a value of 15, while for cards with a JQK position have a value of 10.

Steps to Play Playing Cards

Players can start by taking aotakupoker card on the deck, if they don’t want a card, the player can select a card from the hand and discard it immediately. By alternating with other players. After taking a card anywhere, the player must discard one card. In card-making, players are free to choose which part of the card to take. On the deck or cards in the dump.