5 Vital Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Local SEO?

Local SEO is very important for medium and small business owners. This type of SEO done by any SEO company in Kolkata gives the chance to be listed in Google’s search results. Now let us take a look at why local SEO is so important?

A testimony to the success

A Forbes study tells us that almost 95% of smartphone owners have done a local search from their mobile. Out of the 95%, 61% have made a phone call to local business and 59% have visited a local business. These numbers clearly show us why it is crucial to do local SEO.

Obtain qualified leads

If local SEO is done properly, the chance to get potential customers increases tremendously. If people are searching for a specific product or service, and reaching out to you through your business details, it means that they are potential leads, not casual onlookers. So, you can grow your business with these people if you have SEO done locally.

Enables to get featured in local 3-pack

Local 3-pack means the top 3 listing of businesses and their contact details when someone performs a search on a specific product or service. Only those who have optimized their websites properly will get a chance to feature in the local 3-pack. So, this is why playing domestic should be done by small business owners. It will vastly improve their chance of attracting potential customers even if they do not have a website on their name. To get featured in local 3-pack, one should be consistent with their business listing in online directories. That means every entry in the directories must be consistent with all the other entries.

Provides important information to customers

SEO done locally is important as it provides valuable information to customers. A customer’s requirements can be diverse. It fulfills that need by directly getting in touch with them through contact details. When it comes to an SEO company in Kolkata , it always executes the task of local SEO by providing additional information apart from the name, phone number, and address. These may include product features or a shop’s value-added services for its customers. This set of information directly impacts potential customers who are willing to invest time and money for a particular product or service.

Let others discover a business

By investing very little time, search engine optimization done locally helps people, especially from different localities, in the discovery of small businesses. Through local SEO, people figure out the existence of a business that was previously unknown to them. This also means a gain of popularity for a local company that is conducive for their business.

These are some of the important reasons why a company should be focusing on local SEO. Instead of investing a large amount for their business, this cost-effective method is really helpful for businesses to do well in the long run. If you need additional information on local SEO, you can consult an SEO company in Kolkata. They will gladly come forward to sort all your queries on local SEO.