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Behavioral Sciences

By Paul B. Armstrong

"Literature matters," says Paul B. Armstrong, "for what it finds approximately human adventure, and the very various standpoint of neuroscience on how the mind works is a part of that story." In How Literature performs with the Brain, Armstrong examines the parallels among sure beneficial properties of literary adventure and services of the mind. His critical argument is that literature performs with the mind via studies of concord and dissonance which set in movement oppositions which are basic to the neurobiology of psychological functioning. those oppositions negotiate easy tensions within the operation of the mind among the force for development, synthesis, and fidelity and the necessity for flexibility, adaptability, and openness to change.

The problem, Armstrong argues, is to account for the power of readers to discover incommensurable meanings within the similar textual content, for instance, or to enjoy artwork that's harmonious or dissonant, symmetrical or distorted, unified or discontinuous and disruptive.

How Literature performs with the Brain is the 1st publication to take advantage of the assets of neuroscience and phenomenology to research aesthetic event. For the neuroscientific group, the examine means that varied parts of research―the neurobiology of imaginative and prescient and examining, the brain-body interactions underlying emotions―may be attached to quite a few aesthetic and literary phenomena. For critics and scholars of literature, the learn engages primary questions in the humanities: what's aesthetic adventure? What occurs after we learn a literary paintings? How does the translation of literature relate to alternative ways of knowing?

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